construction management



Integrity First Construction & Property Management (IFC) provides excellent project management skills, completing tasks on time and within budget. Although the nature of complex projects varies, the disciplines required to manage them are much the same.  

IFC managers possess the capability to perform constructability reviews, field monitoring, quality control inspections, and management of construction activity, tasks and personnel. Web based project management and collaboration efforts are also utilized for maximum efficiency and value.

IFC assist in detailed project planning, scheduling, budgeting, plus provide you with innovative ways to track project schedules, financial and technical performance. We have the ingenuity and talent to bring projects to fruition, on schedule, within budget and according to specification. 

Our firm has extensive experience with pre-construction activities and construction activities. Our technical capabilities strengths in both Pre-construction and Construction activities are outlined below. 

Cost Estimating – Detailed estimates as well as order of magnitude estimates are produced on a regular basis. This information can be provided at inception for budget purposes or periodically to monitor any developing patterns and cost increases associated with a project or task. Our estimators are professionally trained and supported by industry data and project history.

Change Order Analysis – We utilize a process to manage and evaluate change orders from the earliest recognition point. Aggressively pursuing issues in the field to resolution reduces the number and frequency of changes. However, the process starts with a good set of construction documents and our constructability review. 

Schedule & Timeline Development – In the project feasibility phase, the schedule and project timeline should be developed. Once developed, the schedule will then be used as a baseline measurement against each week or month’s progress schedule for critical path activities and durations. We would suggest the contractor prepare a critical path schedule, which serves as the industry standard for timeline and project completion. We have had success in analyzing contractor submissions and are familiar with methods sometimes used to mask delays.